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      No. 26  August 2011
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  A mission grows in Cuba
  Three systems installed - four more in the works

   On June 30, First-Trinity Presbyterian Church in Laurel, Miss., dedicated its third Living Waters for the World treatment system in Cuba at the Ebenezer Baptist Church and Martin Luther King Center in Havana.
   This system joins two others in Cuba at the Evangelical Seminary of Theology and a children's home and community in Matanzas. All three systems resulted from efforts by teams from First-Trinity Presbyterian in partnership with the Matanzas Seminary.
   But new blood is on the way. In November, two teams from the St. John's and ChristChurch Presbyterian Churches in Houston, Texas, and Clear Lake Presbyterian Church in Bellaire, Texas, will travel to Matanzas to install systems at the First Baptist Church of Matanzas and its associated Kairos Center and at Iglesia de la Playa Presbyterian Church.
   In addition, Westminster Presbyterian in Minneapolis is exploring the possibility of an installation at Luyan√≥ Presbyterian Church in Havana, and St. Charles

    Luis, lead operator at the MLK Center in Havana, explains
the importance of proper bottle disinfection to the health,
hygiene, and spiritual education class.
    Avenue Presbyterian in New Orleans has plans to install a system at its sister church, El Fuerte Presbyterian in Cardenas, both in early 2012.
   A number of other sites have been identified and await partners. All of this activity has been in conjunction with a strong partnership with the seminary in Matanzas and the IPRC (Iglesia Presbyteriana Reformada in Cuba), our sister denomination there.
   As of July, the two existing systems have produced almost 200,000
  gallons of clean water and reports of health benefits continue. A recent health problem caused by water contaminated due to flooding did not affect the communities using the water from their LWW systems.
         If you have an interest in LWW in Cuba, please contact Jerry or Verniece Goode through LWW.

Jerry and Verniece Goode of Laurel, Miss., are instructors in CWU 103 and 102, respectively.

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