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  Education materials
now available
in French, Creole
   The explosion of new water systems in Haiti has created a demand for the CWU-102 curriculum in French, with activities and visuals also in Creole.
   The French version will be appropriate for Haiti as well as some areas of Africa, and the Creole will make it accessible to the non-French-speaking Haitian population.
   This new translation, which includes a hard-copy manual in French as well as CDs with reproducible items in both French and Creole, is now available for ordering through the LWW website.
   This newest member of the 102 family joins the existing English and Spanish translations. We are becoming multi-lingual, indeed!
Joanie Lukins of Danville, Ky,., is, among other things, a lead instructor in CWU-102 and author of most of its training materials.
    This poster, familiar to CWU graduates when it is in English, is shown in the Creole version contained in the new manual's "Reproducibles CD." Translation: Use this water (for) drinking, brushing teeth, cooking, caring for baby.
  From now on, CWU offering travel by Gator
    Thanks to the generosity of volunteers Jerry and Kathy Vaughan of Hopkinsville, Ky., Living Waters for the World now has a new John Deere CX Gator utility vehicle for Clean Water U's Hopewell campus!
    Moving from location to location at Hopewell has been difficult for CWU staff and students with ambulatory challenges. The Vaughans noticed and felt compelled to do something about it.
    Those who have worked with Jerry and Kathy at CWU, conferences and on mission trips aren't surprised; the Vaughans seem to make a habit of showing love to others by always going above and beyond.
    Many thanks to Jerry, Kathy and all of you who share your time, talent and gifts with this special ministry.
Steve Young of Franklin, Tenn., serves on the LWW staff as Director of Development.
    From left, Kathy Vaughan, Camp Hopewell director Ann Kelly and Jerry Vaughan, passing the keys of the new Gator.