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  It's a time of excitement — Moderator  
   Greetings from the LWW Committee! (For those who aren't familiar, that's the governing body of the LWW organization.)
   This year continues to be one of excitement and great accomplishment for the LWW family. Our work is progressing around the globe, with great strides being made in our Haiti special project area, as well as many new locations in Central and South America, Africa and even the Ukraine!
   God is providing water to those in need, using your hands to do this great work.
   Seeking to work better toward the future, the leadership team of LWW recently initiated a new strategic planning effort, with a goal to have a new
  Mission/Vision statement and five-year goals available for review and approval by the end of 2011.
   Our early meetings on the topic have proven quite interesting and have identified several critical topics for consideration by our collective minds as we move towards defining who we are and want to be in the coming years. (More on page 2.)
   Please begin prayers of support for this process and be ready to help engage in embracing our new vision for this work in the world.
Tim Myrick of Oak Ridge, Tenn., is moderator of the LWW Committee and a leader in activities of the Appalachian Network.
  When there's a big meeting, LWW is there


   From Indianapolis, to Nashville, to Montgomery to New Wilmington, Pa., Living Waters for the World has been on the road this summer.
   The Big Tent, the second biennial PCUSA conference where participants had the opportunity to participate in nine different conferences, was held in Indianapolis in June. Unable to have a booth in the exhibit hall, LWW partnered with Solar Under the Sun to have a suite where drop-ins could hear about LWW, Clean Water U and Solar Under the Sun.
   On display were pictures of the systems, installations and people in various countries, as well as the printed material. In hours when the suite was not opened, Wil Howie, Chris McRae, and Pierce Buford were visible in the exhibit hall and in workshops. It was very encouraging to have persons approach them to ask about LWW and SUTS, and to meet persons who had attended CWU or SUTS and to hear the stories of their installations.
   In July LWW was represented for the first time outside the PCUSA. The Disciples of Christ invited LWW to have a booth at their General Assembly in Nashville which was attended by over 6,000 persons. There was excitement and interest

    The Rev. Dr. Johnson Mhillah of Nairobi, Kenya stopped by the LWW booth at the Disciples of Christ General Assembly in Nashville. He told us there is an LWW system in his hometown in Ghana.
    by the participants about the opportunities open to partner with LWW and SUTS for training that will lead to installations in areas in need of clean water.
   Steve Young had the opportunity to meet with the DOC leadership to discuss ways to stay connected with DOC. Jerry and Kathy Vaughan, Dave Howell, Mona Lee, Beth Weaver, and Pierce Buford managed the booth.
   Among the exciting moments was when a man who lives in Kenya, and is originally from Ghana, stopped suddenly when he recognized the water system because there is a system in his Kenyan village as well as systems in Ghana.
   In addition, a minister from the Congo and one from Viet Nam, currently serving churches in the USA
  but remaining connected to their home villages, said their villages were desperately in need of clean water. They will pursue working with LWW/SUTS.
   A third large event, the annual AL/ MS Presbyterian Women's Conference was held in Montgomery, Ala. LWW had a display and Pierce Buford made a presentation highlighting CWU plus work in Haiti (with information on SUTS) and in Cuba. LWW was blessed to be given a monetary gift.
   Finally, the Rev. Jim McComack from Erie, Pa., represented LWW with a display at the New Wilmington Missionary Conference attended by several thousand people.
Pierce Buford of Birmingham, Ala., travels widely to promote LWW.