Become a Clean Water Advocate!

Help spread the good news about Living Waters for the World by serving as a
Clean Water Advocate for your church/mission organization, as well as for your community.

Here is how it works:

Fill out and submit the form below. You will then receive:

  • A package of promotional materials, including brochures, newsletters, special offering information, Clean Water U applications, and a DVD of our film, "Clean Water for All of God's Children". This information provides a thorough overview of Living Waters for the World and its training program, Clean Water U.
  • A Living Waters for the World T-shirt: spread this good news by wearing it!
  • Periodic updates throughout the year for you to share with mission-minded individuals and groups in your community.

Upon receipt of your information packet, your “marching orders” are:

  1. Pray for our work and the goal of bringing clean water to all God's children.
  2. Tell the Living Waters for the World story to churches, civic groups; wherever and whenever you can.
  3. Send a brief email summary of any presentation that you make to your advocate coordinator (outlined in your information packet).
  4. Schedule a time to attend Clean Water U
  5. Get involved in an installation team.  (Organize a team for an installation or join an already established one)

LWW Clean Water Advocate Registration Form

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What specific information, if any, would you like Living Waters for the World to know at this time?

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Thank you for sharing the water of life!