Living Waters for the World, the mission resource of the Synod of Living Waters of the Presbyterian Church (USA), trains and equips church mission teams and other volunteer groups to share the gift of clean, sustainable water with communities in need.

LWW water systems and related educational programs address a critical niche of the world water crisis - communities that have available, but contaminated, drinking water.

We welcome churches of all denominations, civic organizations and other volunteer-led groups to participate with us in this life-changing work.

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If your group currently has a mission partner and would like to begin steps to share clean water as part of your mission relationship:

1. Please first thoroughly review all content in the Who We Are section of this site.

2. Review information about Clean Water U, our training program, and make plans to send representatives to attend an upcoming session.

3. Contact us via email or call us: 615-261-4008 to discuss next steps.

If your group does not have a mission partner, and would like to share clean water with a community in need, we will work whenever possible to link you with an operating partner in that community. Please first click here, then follow the steps outlined above.