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  Trabajando Nica  
  Learning how to do it the Nicaraguan way  

       Having lived and volunteered in Perú for a year after college, I never really understood my personal impact on those around me, more specifically, other volunteers that I worked with.
       I made concerted efforts to develop connections with the individuals I was serving more so than my colleagues. I
attempted to learn local cultures, subtle nuances in the language and in my mind's
eye, I worked to break down the idea that we were different.
       Now, having been given the incredible opportunity to work for Health Bridges International, I am constantly taken aback by the generosity and hard work of our
       From February 7-14, I was afforded one of my greatest illustrations to date. Working with Bob Palandech and Rich Monnie in installation of a water system was awe-inspiring.
       They volunteered their time, resources and efforts in collaboration with Dunnellon Presbyterian Church, Living Waters for the
    Bob Palandech, Rich Monnie and Ben
Grass arrive in Managua, Nicaragua,
with their five-foot lengths of PVC pipe
stretching the taxi's capacity.

    World and our extraordinary host organization, Natural Doctors International.
     Bob and Rich worked tirelessly, not only during the actual install, but the month prior in preparation for any scenario they'd encounter.
       Bob and Rich collaborated
with local Nicaraguans in order
to accomplish a customized
         They learned what the locals referred to as"trabajando Nica" or "working our way." They never ceased to amaze each other, and they never let each other down.
Benjamin Grass of Portland, Ore.,
is director of communications for
Health Bridges International, Inc.,
an organization that works to improve the health of marginalized people in developing nations.
  CWU Who: Susan Jordan, teaching 102 since 2005


       Anyone looking at Susan and Andy Jordan might not think them"retired"—their lives are full with their blended family of three daughters, a son, six grandchildren and one greatgranddaughter as well as their active involvement in their church's outreach ministries and missions.

Susan and Andy Jordan

      Their connection to Living Waters for the World dates back to hearing a January 2004, presentation on LWW and Clean Water U.
    "Advent Church couldn't say 'we want in!' fast enough," she said. "And 'in' we got, sending six people to the first Clean Water U class in March 2004, taking a team to Honduras the following June and planning a trip to Ghana in October 2004."
    To say the Holy Spirit was working through many people at Advent is an understatement. To date, by God's grace, Advent has LWW installations in Mexico, Honduras, Ghana, West Africa
and the Philippines."
    Susan attended the second session of CWU in September 2004 as a 102 student.
Her first experience teaching 102 was in Guatemala.
      "Our Operating Partner said there would be about 250 people coming to the training …. wow! We made all our preparations, got to our site, set up and waited for the students to arrive," Susan said.
    "And we waited some more. We ended up waiting that whole first day. Finally on the second day, six students came. That whole experience taught me that it isn't about me and that communication and listening to our partners and to God are so very important.
    Not long after attending Clean Water U Susan received a call: CWU needed more instructors; would she join the team?
    Honored and scared, Susan said she would do her best; she has been a Clean Water U 102 instructor ever since.
Kendall Cox of Greenville, Miss., is program director for Clean Water U.