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  El Salvador — 13 installations and growing  


    President Obama isn't the only one
making newsworthy trips to this Pacific coastal country in Central America. There has been a definite increase in activity with Living Waters of the World as well.
    Since December, there have been three different Initiating Partners with new installations. These IPs are from churches in Virginia, (Bethany United Methodist), Jacksonville, Fla., (Community Presbyterian),
and Starkville, Mississippi, (Trinity
    Most of our partnerships have come from referrals from Peace Corps volunteers who have familiarity with LWW, and find clean water to be a problematic issue in their communities. We have also joined with a non-profit group, ASIC (Amigos de San Isidrio, Cabanas), who may be a source of several additional referrals.
    Community Presbyterian had a fantastic experience working with this
group, installing a standard UV system, as well as helping start a neighborhood organic gardening

    San Isidrio, El Salvador, was a recent addition to the El
Salvador Network's installations.

    project, and making improvements to their child day-care center.
    Bethany United Methodist's relationship with their Salvadoran partners grew from a personal friendship with a bricklayer
from El Salvador. That friendship
led to the realization that there were
many ways they could help him and
his community after he returned to his
home country. First, they helped build
a church. Then while staying at the
church, they found that there was desperate need for clean water, which led to the installation of two systems.
    One of them was an
  unanticipated (first!) RO system in El Salvador. The water table had unexpectedly turned brackish after severe flooding. Our in-country coordinator, Misty Johnson, knew of a local water engineer, who brought necessary materials and advice to the installation site!
    These miraculous incidents of God's
provision in moments of need are just
some of the rewards of sharing clean
water "with all God's children".

Mona Lee is LWW mission leader for Historic Franklin Presbyterian Church in Franklin, Tenn.
  Colonial Heights Presbyterian Church dives headlong
into Appalachian mission, 'tithes' for Haiti support

    After sticking its collective toe into Living Waters last May, Colonial Heights Presbyterian Church in
Kingsport, Tenn., has become
more and more involved in LWW's ministry. With a history in mission work of various types, the congregation's appetite for "hands on" ministry is well established.
    After discussions with Tim Myrick of LWW, the Missions Committee sponsored a church-wide "May Day"
event last year. Tim challenged
CHPC to covenant with LWW. Pastor Tom Phillips strongly endorsed this mission. An LWW Appalachian
Covenant was signed. CHPC plunged into fund raising and training.
      A team of volunteers soon grew to 15. In August, nine of the team attended a training event in Oak Ridge and traveled to Tazewell, Tenn.,
to meet the Wilmoth family. Bruce and Diane were soon friends and partners.
    The team loaded tools and a partially preassembled system into a trailer for the two-hour trip to Tazewell, eager for their first installation. After more than a few
"modifications" the system was complete. Jeff Wagner, Tim Myrick and Mike Skytta gave advice and instruction.
    The Wilmoths now have clean water with no more bacteria and no odor. Diane is thrilled! CHPC is waiting on approval of its second
As Colonial Heights Presbyterian
  approaches its first anniversary of partnering with Living Waters, fund
raising has topped $10,000.
At the outset, the Missions
Committee, knowing the great need for clean water in Haiti, challenged the congregation to go beyond their
commitment to fund the Appalachian
Covenant and to "tithe" the covenant amount toward work in Haiti.
    CHPC recently paid off its
Jubilee Fund commitment and provided $840 toward LWW's work in Haiti. It's not much, but it's a start; kind of like dipping a toe in the water.
Maybe other LWW covenant
partners will use this model for tithing to international projects…
Keith Goulder is LWW missions
coordinator for Colonial Heights
Presbyterian Church
in Kingsport