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  Pass the Tabasco Please  
  In Mexico's Yucatan, three OPs create their own role as IP  


       One of the long-range goals of LWW has always been to train our Operating Partners so well that, if resources are sufficient, they would be able to pass along the gift of clean water to other communities in need.
       In March 2011, this goal became a little nearer to reality as members of three different OP's in the Yucatan peninsula came together to create a new all-Mexican Initiating Partner. These three pastors and their congregations have deep concern for their brothers and sisters in the neighboring state of Tabasco, which
has even fewer resources than their state of Campeche, and which suffers severe flooding and devastation quite frequently.
       This new IP is operating under a covenant agreement created last year between the Synod of the Peninsula of the Mexican National Presbyterian Church and the Synod of Tabasco.
       Supported financially by Transylvania Presbytery of The Presbyterian Church U.S.A. for the purchase of the necessary water treatment equipment and educational
supplies, the trio of pastors, along
with their wives, headed west into Tabasco, where they installed and educated the folks of the Presbyterian

    Mexican IP's and their OP's teach the community at Jaramillo about the appropriate use of clean water.
    Church of Jaramillo, a remote village where access to clean water is very scarce.
       In four days' time, they had successfully installed, educated, and trained their new partners, and orchestrated a joyful celebration/ dedication of the water system.
    So, what has happened here?
    • Clean water is available in yet another pueblo.
    • Erstwhile students have become
      • Those who have been ministered
unto have now become ministers.
   • The Yucatan Network is proudly spreading its wings toward its neighbors.

    • LWW is one small step closer to the vision of "Clean Water for All God's Children"!
Joanie Lukins is moderator of LWW's Yucatan Network Coordinating Team and an elder in The Presbyterian Church of Danville, Ky.
  PCUSA magazine tells of work in Haiti   Send an E-card Gift

LWW continues to receive mention in national publications. One of the latest came in the denominational magazine, Presbyterians
Today, which in its March edition and its web site,, had this to say as part of a page of items about mission work in Haiti:

    "Living Waters for the World (a ministry of the Synod of Living Waters) and Solar Under the Sun (a ministry of the Synod of the Sun) have teamed up to install their solar powered water purification systems in orphanages, schools and other buildings in Haiti.

For more information, or,"

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