The carols of Christmas touch our hearts, in ways beyond any other music - reminding us of our past, bringing joy to our present, promising hope for our future.
And the word became flesh ...

From the Bethlehem hills, where angel songs ring, to a lowly stable where a mother sings to her newborn babe; we journey in song through the miracle of the Nativity.

Legacy Christmas, created by acclaimed instrumentalists and vocalists, connects us, defines us, reminds us.

Emmanuel - God with us!
   Gloria in excelsis!
Christianity is an incarnational faith. Christians believe that God so loves the world that God became human, taking on flesh and blood, experiencing hunger and thirst.

Millions of God's children still thirst for clean, healthy water to drink. To help address this need, proceeds from Legacy Christmas will assist Living Waters for the World in providing clean, sustainable water for communities and enhancing the quality of life for children and their families throughout the world.